• Our work

    We partner with our Clients to keep achieving measurable goals. We address the tasks given as well as challenge our ideas. With this approach we develop and implement tailor-made communication strategies. Our actual team's experience counts for over 200 programs designed and executed for over 50 companies and organizations, both multinational and local. Each piece of our work is different. Please look at the examples.

    Our work
  • Disease? I’m working with it!

    Category: PR, PA, social media communication, patient activation

    The campaign reached several millions of people and gained their support within 2 months period only, collecting more than 10,000 signatures under the petition for the reimbursement of transdermal therapies. These are convenient for all patients willing to continue working under treatment. A multi-channel communications strategy was implemented to effectively reach stake-holders, including both traditional and new media, ATL support as well as direct out-reach to decision-makers to whom the petition was addressed.

    Final of the campaign has coincided with the decision of the Ministry of Health reimbursing 2 therapies. This allows a number of patients with chronicle diseases (namely specific cancer types) to undergo effective therapy while continuing their professional careers.

    The campaign has been conducted with The Employers of Poland, a leading in-country organization of employers. 

    Disease? I’m working with it!
  • AVENE. The skin care architects

    Category: communication design, event management, beauty care

    Modern buildings are light, transparent, display the design mesh, but thanks to high-end technology they form a solid structure too. Human skin is also a three-dimensional mesh, which needs to be nurtured and strengthened, to retain the natural and healthy look. Avene experts got inspired by architecture and the achievements of science and created a new line of cosmetics, ensuring the healthy condition of the skin structure. Introducing the new line of products  covered a series of exclusive meetings for health&beauty care columnists, bloggers, celebrities as well as trade partners.

    The project was conducted in cooperation with Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique.

    AVENE. The skin care architects
  • Make Sense

    Category: Patient education, health prevention program, media relations

    Diagnostics and early detection are crucial when it comes to treatment cancer. Make Sense is an initiative of oncologists and patients from more than 20 countries in Europe and covers public cancer-preventive screening. In Poland, campaign edition of 2015 engaged all 16 regional cancer centers, which examined more than 10 thousand people. The result was the detection of 500 cases of  head and neck cancers in early stages. Ambiguous name of the campaign „Make Sense” (head and neck cancers attack human senses) also contributed to raising awareness of the disease in the public domain. Campaign activity generated hundreds of publications and media coverage in radio, press, television and the Internet.

     The program was carried out in cooperation with the Polish Study Group of Head and Neck Cancer, representing Poland in the European Head and Neck Society, based in Brussels 

    Make Sense
  • Alcohol means responsibility. Drink responsibly.

    Category: PR, PA, CSR, communication in social media 

    The public debate about alcohol triggers emotions often powered by stereotypes. This is why the main goal of the campaign „Alcohol means responsibility. Drink responsibly" is to discuss honestly about the role of alcohol in society. Activities in the campaign are targeted to adults - in particular to drivers and students. Most of the projects was taken in cooperation with public partners i.e. General Police Headquarters of Poland and the Medical University of Warsaw.

     Alcohol means responsibility. Drink responsibly.
  • Face with a head

    Categories: Education of patients, PR campaign, social media

    Nearly 100 leading clinics in Poland, participates in an educational campaign, "Face with a head: I know, I demand, I choose proven quality" – campaign that promotes responsible choices in aesthetic medicine. Through campaign FB page we are helping potential patients to find a clinic where specialists have appropriate competence.

    As a result, nearly 200 000 patients had a chance to find a place where they receive care at the highest level for a reasonable price.

    Communication to patients as part of a campaign was conducted through social media and PR – media relations and cooperation with doctors (including KOL's).

    The project implemented in cooperation with Allergan

    Face with a head
  • 10,000 steps away from diabetes

    Categories: social media campaign

    Actions initiated online successfully penetrated from social media to the real world. With advanced tools we targeted people who potentially may have diabetes or pre-diabetes (including 40+ users, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy dietary habits). Then we started a dialogue with them about risk factors and possible treatments options of diabetes and of its counteraction - including daily physical activity. As a result, our FB fans organized 40 thematic marches throughout the country. The project attracted great attention of local and national media. The initiative received support from experts and patients organizations. 

    The project implemented in cooperation with Polish Diabetes Association.

    10,000 steps away from diabetes
  • Healthy Community Initiative

    Categories: Social campaign, screening

    The largest-scale promotion programme for cancer prevention, involving local self-government bodies. 506 local governments participating in the competition. 2400 local coordinators. 600 events, health days and competitions for public audiences. 1300 lectures. The result of initiative - 250 000 more women examined through mammography and cytology.

    The project implemented in cooperation with Polish Union of Oncology and PZU insurance company.

    Healthy Community Initiative
  • My HCV

    Categories: communication to the medical personnel, communication to patients

    The project which showed sceptics that the Internet can be a source of reliable knowledge on treatments and medicine. 4 million entries in 6 months, a combination of top-notch expert knowledge and patients-bloggers’ testimonies. My HCV programme is an integrated educational and informative campaign, offering real support to patients, their peers, relatives as well as to the medical community and public opinion. Among other things, it provides information about triple therapy against HCV, which is currently the most effective and available in Poland.

    The project implemented in cooperation with MSD Polska company.

    My HCV
  • Great Place to Work

    Category: media relations

    81% employees confirming that their company is “a great workplace” in the Trust Index© survey, and at the same time: 15% annual increase of gross receipts, more than 17% increase in employment and 10 applications for one position – these are averaged results of the winners (companies employing at least 50 people) of the competition Great Place to Work Poland 2014. Each year more and more employers come to a conclusion, that developing the culture of trust in a workplace benefits their image and reputation.

    Great Place to Work